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The landscape of finance has changed forever, with traditional sources of funding now either shackled by unwieldy compliance, or no longer available to particular types of businesses. Knowing where to go and what financial products or services best suit your needs has now taken on a whole new dynamic – it requires in-depth knowledge and experience to translate the myriad options.

And actually, you just can’t risk getting it wrong.

FifthEagle Financial Services offers independent strategic financial support to a wide range of businesses across all industries as either a one-off or ongoing consultancy to provide financial solutions.

We do this by leveraging our existing financial networks, banking knowledge and extensive transactional experience.

Our advice includes:

  • Outsource of banking and finance requirements for your business

  • Deal specific and or ongoing direct interaction with your financier to achieve the best outcome

  • Debt approvals / restructures / M&A

  • Facilitation of debt refinancing, establishing market appetite and competition

  • Deal facilitation to ensure the best available terms are achieved for debt facilities

  • Transactional banking negotiation

  • Assistance for businesses that are faced with risk downgrades, covenant breaches or defaults

  • Profit and cash flow management

  • Profit and cash flow management

  • Compliance reporting

  • Tax planning

  • Bookkeeping services

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