Developing a clear roadmap to help a business achieve its growth aspirations



Most big businesses have a strategic plan. Often small to medium enterprises (SMEs) do not.

There is no doubt that it is good business practice to have a strategic plan. This plan is like a roadmap to help a business reach a growth destination in by taking the shortest route. Without one the business may achieve its goals but may take a lot longer, and it may spend more, to achieve it.

SMEs often don’t because they:
  • are too busy running the day to day operations of the business;
  • don’t have the internal expertise to create one;
  • they think that a Strategic Plan takes days to create;
  • think it will be a very large document that is placed in a filing cabinet to never be reviewed;
  • think it will be very expensive; or
  • actually do not know how to go about creating one

Many of our SME clients have engaged our Professionals to help them create their Strategic Plan. As a result we now offer this as a separate business service.

Fifth Eagles Strategic Planning Service

The average Fifth Eagle Strategic Plan:

  • involves a one day, or less, commitment to its creation (dependent on business size);
  • is no more than a three page plan;
  • is a living document to be reviewed against and revisited on at least a quarterly basis;
  • is fit for purpose ie appropriate for the size of the business it is for; and
  • is cost effective in what can be an expensive market place.

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