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Mark Peterson
Partner, Digital Strategy

CIO, Strategy & Innovation, Head of Technology, Head of Data Analytics & AI, Infrastructure Manager

About Mark

Mark is a strong IT professional with 20+ years of experience leading large complex enterprises through periods of rapid growth and changing technology landscapes. His proven track record includes building and managing high performing technology teams in the Recruitment and Labour Hire sector, and a history of driving down operational costs whilst maximizing productivity and output.

Influential Work

  • Mark planned and successfully executed a 3-yr strategic plan, including:
    • Integrating an external development team with the existing group ICT team, and Mark successfully led the consolidation of operational platforms into one seamless agile stack.
    • His creation of Data and Analytics practice provided increased visibility into key performance metrics, leading to substantial tangible benefits for management.
    • Mark’s creation of AI & Automation practice led to a number of increased operational efficiencies, including a 4x increase in candidate searchability.
    • Designed, and successfully integrated a Rostering and Time & Attendance solution across the national Healthcare division, leading to a measurable uplift in placements, reduction in overheads, and increased bottom-line.
  • Mark designed, planned, and oversaw the development of a Mobile-first candidate App which reached 50,000 downloads, and 4,000 weekly active users within the first 12 months.
  • Responsible for building and scaling a Corporate Group’s technology platform and team during several periods of rapid growth and change. Over this period the business grew from $150m turnover to over $1.4b, acquired and absorbed 6 companies, expanded its footprint from 12 geographies to 40, increased headcount from 150 to 700. The massive scale-up of the business was possible thanks to Mark’s well-timed and executed, yet relatively modest investments in technology, in areas such as Cloud computing, Unified Comms, SDWAN, AI & Automation, and several other leading-edge technologies.

Key roles include:

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer)

  • Strategy & Innovation

  • Head of Technology

  • Head of Data Analytics & AI

  • Infrastructure Manager

Key sectors include:

  • Recruitment & Labour Hire

  • Human Resources

  • Professional Services

  • Software Development

  • Nursing & Healthcare

  • Mining & Industrial

Key skills:

  • Team Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgets & Financial Modelling
  • Executive & Stakeholder Mgmt
  • Vendor Management
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Data & Analytics
  • Product Development
  • Cloud (Azure, AWS)
  • Devops (Agile, Scrum)


  • Bachelor of IT
  • Cert in Behavioral Economics
  • Cert in Leadership & Management
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Cisco CCNA

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