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With the constant pressure of increasing digitization, globalization of markets, and shortage of experienced IT professionals, we believe many Australian small and medium enterprises lack access to the knowledge, resources, and relationships required to optimally compete in the new digital world.  Furthermore, we’ve found there are a number Technology Providers with knowledge and expertise across certain areas of technology and more often the advice and solutions they provide are biased towards certain vendors or skillsets that possess rather than those in the best interest of the client.

At FifthEagle we utilise experienced senior IT professionals with a track record in building and running IT operations in large corporate environments, and possess an entrepreneurial and small-business acumen.  In particular, the knowledge and experience in environments that the customer businesses aspire to be, and the networks and contacts across the industry that are best placed to help the customer achieve these aspirations.  Furthermore, the diverse knowledge across Finance, Legal, HR, Marketing, and Corporate Governance, and the economies of scale achieved across all FifthEagle customers, enables us to deliver commercial offerings that may be out of reach of any individual customer.  This in turn allows us to pass down further benefits to the customer.

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