Having the right people in your business can change everything.

So can having the wrong people. We help you make the right choices.


The right people can make your business soar. And finding them, particularly at the moment when there is a talent shortage, can prove to be challenging. Many businesses don’t have a dedicated HR arm, or are having to recruit specialist roles which require different processes.

Here at FifthEagle, we know that getting the right person for your role means going the extra mile. Every time.

Our professional leaders focus on demonstrated skills, motivation and retention, ensuring you get the right candidates in front of you.

Without any ‘tick and flick’.

Our leading recruitment services include:

  • Pre-recruitment consulting – so we can find out exactly what you’re after

  • Job design

  • Position description

  • Job advertisement

  • Skills testing

  • Psychometric testing (DISC Advanced)

  • Police checks

  • Rights to work assessment (Vevo)

  • Digital sourcing (LinkedIn)

  • Permanent recruitment

    Behind every successful business is the right team of people. Let us find them for you.

    Over the past decade we have developed industry leading processes in relation to permanent recruitment that ensures the candidates we source are the best fit for your job and organisation. We stand by our service by offering a six-month replacement guarantee on all permanently placed candidates.

    FifthEagle is proud to boast a high calibre of candidates who are dedicated, focused and invested in progressing their careers.

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